Algetransit has created a system to improve the operational quality of our services in the BIP.

Quality certificates that reflect the work procedures that make us more competitive. 

We reduce possible errors by a high percentage, optimise all processes and offer a unique service in our sector to both the lorry driver and the goods.

Double Checking System (DCS)

System designed to prevent errors

Double checking the original documentation allows us to detect and resolve errors before they reach the official authority. We therefore prevent these authorities from refusing documentation, optimising timely delivery processes.

How does it work?

When a customer sends the documentation for a dispatch to the offices of Algetransit, the corresponding department is responsible for checking it to detect any possible errors.

If all documentation is correct, it is sent to the BIP team who in turn reprocess all the documentation and order it for presentation to the different departments for the inspection process. If an error is detected, the customer is notified so that it can be corrected as soon as possible.

Checking System 1

The first documentation check is carried out at Algetransit’s central facilities. The customer is informed of any error detected. 

Checking System 2

The BIP team perform a second check, minimising any possible errors.


  • Minimise any error by anticipating it.

  • Reduce management times by the authorities.

  • Higher valuation as a company that facilitates work, which we turn into benefits for our customers.

Time Full Optimization (TFO)

System designed for optimising requests

Processes are carried out without delay. The optimisation of time in the different stages of the services will allow a better maintenance of the freshness of the goods, which will leave the Port in the least time possible. 

Thanks to the effectiveness of our service, the goods will reach their destination between 1 or 3 hours ahead of schedule. 

How does it work?

We control and monitor ship schedules, berthing times and the port situation at all times. This allows us to anticipate any problem to have the solution planned in advance. 

From the moment the goods leave the origin until they reach the destination port, we work to minimise the times, allowing our customers’ goods to arrive in perfect condition.

Docking in the port

From the ship containing the goods arriving at the port to dock and disembarking the lorry, this may take between 15 minutes and 1 hour. 

Meanwhile, Algetransit…

We work intensely in a short period of time to have everything prepared so that the inspection of the goods takes as little time as possible.


  • Optimise the time in the request processes.

  • Reduced waiting times for drivers.

  • Direct communication with the customer and between all departments for a greater process agility.

Total Truck Control (TTC)

Complete control process at the port

Any incident that the driver or goods may have will be resolved immediately.

Our service includes the location of goods, personalised service to the driver in any required matter, temperature control of the external thermographs in road traffic lorries and the receipt of containers once they leave the terminal.

How does it work?

Having the goods located allows us to speed up processes.We know that both the goods and the driver are very important, and we deal with any request for assistance.

The driver will always have a 24-hour assistance service number available. The customer can also use services such as the temperature control of the thermographs or a double sealing of the goods for greater security.


  • Complete control of the goods and their transportation.

  • Peace of mind for drivers knowing they have personalised assistance.

  • Assurance of customers knowing that their transportation will be well protected in unforeseen circumstances.

The advantages of choosing Algetransit


Thanks to our extensive experience in the processing of applications and knowledge of the customs circuit, we speed up any dispatch telematically with the official authorities.


We ensure that the current legislation is applied during inspections. We control all phases of the procedure from opening to closing and if greater security is required, a double sealing of the merchandise is performed.


We document any incidents in the process of loading the goods for departure from the port. The BIP team records any anomaly that will then be sent to the customer so that they have a record and control over the goods.

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